IoT Geeks – Internet of Things workshop highlights (27 Nov 2016)

After Saturday event, We’ve accommodated Nayan at oT Geeks Lab, Also I invited IoT Geeks UI/UX designer Nirmal from Madurai. Sunday morning Nirmal accompanied Nayan at IoT Geeks Lab. Sambhav and Sampath accompanied further to get things ready for the workshop

09:00 Am – The door opened and participants started coming to the venue. This time we eliminated the spot registration and it was the huge relief. Naren one of the core team members crosschecked the tickets at the Ascendas entrance and guided the participants get in. Initial set up on RPI was done by Nirmal, Sambhav, Sureshkumar, Karan and Sathiya

10:00 AM – Nayan initiated the hosting. Participants were asked to complete the s/w installations and core members helped the participants with the installation doubts .

10:30 AM – We’ve invited Satish Ramachandran as a Guest speaker. Satish always brings big laughter from audience. Satish’s humor gave a great kick start to the event. He delivered a attentive keynote on IoT + Autonomous and its landscape. It was really thought provoking and he enlightened the participants with his real time work experiences.

11:30 AM – Nayan was back to stage., after a small intro about core team. Nayan interacted with participants (Students & Professionals) about – why they want to attend workshop & what IoT project they are doing or they want to do. Once everyone settle down – Participants were split into groups. IoT Kits numbered by Abirami and core team started distribution of Raspberrypi kits. We gave around 25+ kits. Abirami took note of each group number and total participants in each group.

11:50 AM – Tea Break

12.30 PM – Nayan started workshop with intro to IoT & Raspberry Pi. . 21 groups were verified for LED glowing and Raspberry Pi hosting

02:00 PM – Lunch Break

03:00 PM – Nayan introduced participants about – mydevices it is quick IoT prototyping platform. Participants tried LED, BMP180, PIR & ultrasonic sensors using my devices. Nayan also covered about initial state – it is also nice IoT platform. LED glowing and mobile app glowing,

04:00 PM – The Participants were thought about IBM blueMix , NodeRed & IBM wastion IoT platform and we also run through IoT+Cloud Computing videos for participants

05:30 PM – Abirami introduced about IoT Geeks Lab and how people can use it and people were networking.

06:00 PM – Wrap-up

Our sincere thanks to…

ThoughtWorks India Pvt Ltd is generously supporting our community by offering a wonderful place. Our core team members came together and supported each other to make this event successful. Nipun Kanade – your warm and great support towards our community always greatly appreciated.

Inspiring Keynote from Satish Ramachandran. We welcome you to be a mentor for IoT Geeks forever

Nayan Mujadiya was instrumental to make November workshops great and useful for everyone. Magesh is also iRaspberry Pi meetup organizer in Bangalore. His energy and passion towards the IoT community growth and nurturing it further greatly appreciated.

The core team – Sathiyaraj, Sureshkumar Sabapathi, Karan Ganesan, Sambav, Narendra Santhosh, Abirami, Sampath, Nirmal GL, Sampath Kumar, Sambhav Jain

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