IoT Geeks Success Stories – How to become a Pro while you studying at College/School

It was last June month, Nirmal did message me in FB and asked about IoT Geeks community. Also expressed his interest to be part of the core team. Nirmal is final year BSc IT student from Madurai and he was good at Hand and Digital arts – that was my first sense. I thought he could be a UI/UX person for IoT Geeks team, started giving design work and also guided him UI/UX trends in the industry. He was quick to catch-up things. Included him part of the core team.

Nirmal wanted travel Chennai to attend workshops, In appreciation towards his work I started sponsoring bus/train tickets and Sathiyaraj Sampath accommodate him when he come to chennai. He was able to attend the last three workshops and will attend future ones too . Nirmal also expressed his interest in learning Internet of Things (IoT) and month back I gave him hardware from IoT Geeks lab and today morning he sent me this hacking photo from his home. Its truly amazing transformation A college student turning as a UI/UX designer and Geek.

What makes me happy is making people blossom in their life. I hope Nirmal will make the difference in his career. Look forward to write more stories with IoT Geeks community effort.

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