IoT Startup Spotlight: Preva Systems Pvt Ltd

Earlier this year METI ( Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan) agreed to fund the travel and related costs of 10 IOT start-ups from India to participate in CEATEC, largest exhibition and trade fair for advanced electronics and IT in Japan. We are proud to announce that 9 out 10 startups who got selected were part of COE-IOT connect program. We are putting the spotlight on these brilliant startups.

In this post, we are focusing on Preva Systems Pvt Ltd.


What exactly is your Product, customer problem you are trying to solve, core value proposition(s)?

Preva has built a robust , enterprise grade  IoT platform called WISE3 . The platform is a HORIZONTAL cutting across different industry verticals . End to end IoT solutions can be built using the platform .  Preva has focussed on two verticals Transport /Logistics & Healthcare and has been offering   platform based solutions in these segments

          WISE3 brings value adds of automation, location intelligence, remote management and mobility to business processes in key industries like automotive, logistics and healthcare. Preva delivers these solutions on their Internet of Things infrastructure, with high degree of functionality, extensibility and adaptability”

WISE3 is a device agnostic, layered architecture which has evolved as a robust platform for Internet of Things solutions. The platform has a very high degree of extensibility and can scale up with guaranteed performance.


1. Device Agnostic

2. Platform independence

3. Complex Event Management

4. Business Intelligence & Analytics

5. Performance Scaling

6. High extensibility

7. Device Management

8. Web Services

9. Security Management

10. License Management

11. Modularity at different levels ( Device Layer ,Data layer, App layer)

Business Need

• Businesses have to make intelligent decisions based on real time contextual information.

• The information can come from various workflows in the business relating to location , timing , state , process or phase of things which are part of the workflow


• How do we connect these different things?

• How do we get real time data from these connected things?

• How do we process this data and produce contextual information to make intelligent decisions?

Preva’s Solution

• Businesses need a solution which can help connect these different things (sensors etc) seamlessly

• Process data from these sensors intelligently

• Present the information contextually (in real time) for easy decision making

Please write highlights of your Japan trip

The CEATEC trip was a great pitch for Preva to present its innovations and IoT capabilities on a global scale.

Thanks to Deloitte, Tohamatsu Venture Support & ITAC for inviting us to the HIDA sponsored seminar on 6th July 2016 at Bangalore where we had participated.  This was the initiation of our CEATEC programme.

We had good introductory meetings with :

1.SoftBank , Tokyo ; Sony Corporation ; DNK on the first day which gave us insight into the Japanese investment outlook and startup support ecosystem

2. The Deloitte team was very very supportive throughout the expo at Makuhari messe and introduced many business customers to our booth.

3. The business exchange program was very useful where Preva had an opportunity to get a 1:1 audience with the following companies:

  • Hitachi  Hitech Corp
  • ORIX   International
  • DNP
  • Dai-Nippon 

4.  We had a 6 minute pitch with investors and select customer which was again very well received.

Major Highlight:

We have got interest from customers to engage Preva on various opportunities. We were invited by ORIX to their office at World Trade Center to sign an NDA . ORIX team will be visiting Preva office in mid November.

Please share your experience at CEATEC

It is very good opportunity for any startup/entrepreneur to get their company to a global audience. CEATEC provided a fantastic forum /platform for startups from India, Asean and Israel to come together and exhibit their innovations with prospective customers, partners and vendors.

The entire process from doing an introductory meeting at Bangalore to selecting the companies on the basis of their merit and getting the paper work for travel etc. was DELIGENTLY handled by the Deloitte team. Many thanks to them.

They made us feel very comfortable with the Japanese audience and also provided us interpreters to help us connect with the native audience.

The meetings with different business houses gave us a first-hand view of the Japanese business are embracing IoT to TRANSFORM their businesses .We also looked at newer avenues where we could participate and engage our capabilities with the Japanese industry .

Deloitte and HIDA made sure we were at comfort with our stay and travel all the time. Sincere thanks to NASSCOM for being there to support us.  Sanjeev, Gagan and team, great job.

Few things that you would do differently now given another opportunity

Given another opportunity we would like to:

a. Go with a good understanding and research of the market needs of that region ( use cases and demos to be in context)

b. Get the demos, literature, collaterals, videos translated into local language of the country.

c. Be prepared and informed on the legalities of signing contracts and NDAs with a foreign company.

d. Inform the local sponsors (for example NASSCOM) to provide media coverage before the event so that there is awareness.

e. Will provide trial licenses to interested customers to use our PLATFORM and Solutions.

f. Request local sponsors (NASSCOM) to conduct a meeting with all participants to bring them on the same page and identity as a delegation.

         (Ideally, there should have been a meeting after the event was 

         completed in Bangalore or some place to share their experiences)


Preva COO Sharan K at CEATEC


Sharan K with NASSCOM’S Gagan Sabharwal at center

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