IoT Startup Spotlight: Stesalit

Earlier this year METI ( Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan) agreed to fund the travel and related costs of 10 IOT start-ups from India to participate in CEATEC, largest exhibition and trade fair for advanced electronics and IT in Japan. We are proud to announce that 9 out 10 startups who got selected were part of COE-IOT connect program. We are putting the spotlight on these brilliant startups.

In this post, we are focusing on Stesalit Systems Ltd.


What exactly is your Product, customer problem you are trying to solve, core value proposition(s)?

Stesalit Systems Ltd has its core focus on the technology triad of Location Intelligence – IoT (Internet of Things) – Analytics to enable its clients know in real time all the important parameters about their assets spread across the geography, moving and stationery, and actuate them as and when required from the central command control. This empowerment helps our clients to maximize the value of their assets by improving the RoI of each of the assets in the framework we build for them.

The IoT framework we build connects all the assets, through a cutting edge low power hungry technology, that senses the data generated from the assets and integrates them to the cloud. The analytical visualization we create is geospatially enabled for ease of decision making by the command control.

Our IoT framework and overall solution works as the core technology layer on which a Smart City is built, and spans across other core industry verticals like Agriculture, Transportation, Forestry, Utility, Oil and Gas and can include any network of geographically spread assets.

Please write highlights of your Japan trip

The event was very well organized by the METI and Deloitte, Japan. There were match making events with the top Japanese companies. Interactive sessions and presentation pitches were organized for all the participants.

Everyone received an opportunity to present their products and innovations to the prospective clients and collaborators in Japan. The top companies attending the sessions were Hitachi, Orix, DNP, NTT-DOCOMO, Sony, Kobe Steel, OMRON and may others.

Please share your experience at CEATEC

CEATEC is a very large technology event in Japan. The event attracted a lot of visitors from the whole of Japan and also from many other countries including other continents. The audience was interested and knowledgeable about the latest technology being demonstrated. There were many good connects during the CEATEC event.

The meetings with different business houses gave us a one on one view of the Japanese business and how they are transforming the business processes through technology innovations.

Few things that you would do differently now given another opportunity

Given an opportunity we would like to be better prepared for the event. We would like to create a list of the target companies with whom we would like to meet and discuss the possibilities. We would like to do more research about the possible matches in Japan and their needs beforehand so that we can showcase the right technology solutions they are interested in.

We would have prepared our collateral in the local language of Japan to communicate in a better way.

Use the hashtag ceatec to read accounts of more startups that went to Japan and we will be covering more IoT startups under the tag iotstartupsspotlight and iot startup spotlight

The top companies attending the sessions were Hitachi, Orix, DNP, NTT-DOCOMO, Sony, Kobe Steel, OMRON and may others.

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