IoT Startup Spotlight: Teevr Data


Earlier this year METI ( Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan) agreed to fund the travel and related costs of 10 IOT start-ups from India to participate in CEATEC, largest exhibition and trade fair for advanced electronics and IT in Japan. We are proud to announce that 9 out 10 startups who got selected were part of COE-IOT connect program. We are putting the spotlight on these brilliant startups.

In this post, we are focusing on Teevr Data.


What exactly is your Product, customer problem you are trying to solve, core value proposition(s)?

Our product enables customers to transfer high speed and large volume of sensor data from the source of generation to customers data center or cloud faster and in a cost effective way.

We are enabling customers to capitalize on their cloud or data center investments for better analytics and business process integration. Today customers are either dropping this data or filtering to avoid transmitting the sensor data to cloud/data center due to amount of time taken to transfer and cost of transmission.

We have machine learning based streaming compression that could compress streaming sensor data by 40X, there by enabling customers to now capitalize on the benefits of IOT by utilizing their powerful Analytics infrastructure at data centers or cloud. Our product works with most of the cloud platforms and is easy to integrate as it does not require  programming.

Please write highlights of your Japan trip

Business Match making sessions were really good as it enabled startups like us to get exposed to potential customers. These match making sessions also validated our problem statement as there were two customers who were facing the same problem. Getting direct access to customers was key to this trip. We did not see much foot fall in our booths during exhibition days but just one day of match making session gave us the outcome that we expected from this trip. Infact, it exceeded our expectations.  We also got a lead from one of the startups from Israel too.

Please share your experience at CEATEC

CEATEC event was very well organized and we really liked the seriousness with which Deloitte, METI and NASSCOM teams had worked together to make this event win win for all. We could see Deloitte making every attempt to get us customers and customers also made serious attempt to explore engagement opportunities with Indian Startups. Japan Tour was meticulously organised to give the startups glimpse of Japanese infrastructure.

Few things that you would do differently now given another opportunity

One key learning for us was that most of the Japanese companies are into everything so next time for business match making meetings to be more effective, I would look at more relevant group for discussion. We would also make our presentations in Japanese even if we have to talk in English.

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