NASSCOM Report from Dalian (China) IOT Conference

I am pleased to update you all with the progress made with China – Dalian province on our cooperation arrangement. We hosted a daylong conference on 20th Sep with Govt of Dalian on IoT cooperation after we signed MOU inking the intent a day before.



IoT Conference:

  • Theme was to Co-develop for the global markets leveraging our respective strengths.
  • 32 companies from Chinese side participated with about 17 companies from Indian side
  • The event was hosted by NASSCOM and Govt of Dalian in association with Embassy of India, Beijing
  • There were 4 presentations from Chinese side and 4 from Indian side
  • 5 Chinese companies from manufacturing space unequivocally said that they feel threatened as manufacturing is fast becoming low value additive job and they realise that they would have to become smarter else will be out of business
  • Almost all companies echoed that they are ready to partner with Indian companies to make their offerings smarter
  • Even though Robotics firm could not show their bot Mitra in action as they were not allowed to carry the battery by airlines – still stole the limelight as it became an easy example to show how Chinese hardware and Indian software could gel well together
  • Event was covered by Chinese and Indian media with several stories emanating out of it (link below)
  • Local TV news also covered the conference :


MOU with Dalian:

  • A day before the conference we signed MOU with Dalian Govt to promote IOT collaboration between the two ecosystem
  • The signing ceremony was attended by the Mayor and Vice Mayor of Dalian signed the MOU (pic enclosed)
  • Later they hosted a dinner for the Indian contingent


About Dalian:

  • Is no# 1 place for doing IT-BPO in China
  • Indian companies have 8000 employees based in Dalian out of their total strength of 20K in China
  • Dalian is tipped by Beijing to be AI hub China and we want to cooperate with them on the same topic

B2B cooperation with BEST city:

  • BEST city is a smart city or one of the district in Dalian that has sprawling IT campus that houses many global companies including Wipro base
  • This city has mountains, lakes, beach, sea, International school, hospital, and adorable housing, etc.
  • BEST city wants to build AI park and seeks NASSCOM cooperation in realising this dream
  • Wipro has built an envious campus and ramped up 800 people in 2 years with very proactive support from the BEST city
  • All other chapter members who visited Wipro campus wished they were also based here


Cooperation terms with BEST City:

  1. NASSCOM will try and consolidate all its members to BEST city under NASSCOM IT Park ;
    1. companies present in this meeting gave principal nod to NASSCOM with their interest ;
    2. NASSCOM will negotiate package that can be extended to all its members
    3. Whereas, Indian industry is scattered all over the place and in turn pays 5 times the cost for lower amenities


  1. Offer for the SME + Startup companies (not present in China)
    1. Will be available to companies who are ready to invest the theme for which we have signed the MOU
    2. Best city will help locate customers with whom they can partner from the manufacturing space to co-develop on IoT stack
    3. We will negotiate to make them offer plug and play office, with residences, tax breaks, training grants, etc. These terms are being negotiated with them
    4. They will also offer assistance in the form of long term low interest loan for starting up expenses

3. Seed fund

  1. BEST city will offer seed fund by pooling in investors from China who are ready to invest in Indian startup




Short term business opportunities:

  1. Mitra robot:
    1. BEST city will buy Robots for its own use after successful POC
    2. BEST city will help Inventico set up and boot strap in BEST city
    3. They will offer loan for startup assistance
    4. Next steps: Actual demo and POC to be setup and thereafter discussion plan ; they have okayed initial investment for this venture
  2. AI collaborative platform for Chinese buyer and Indian seller
    1. This platform will be developed by Zeta V a startup ; initial investment has been assured
    2. They seek some share from NASSCOM and we’ll have to evaluate the options
    3. Project plan and business plan discussion to boot strap have been setup for mid Oct with Zeta V
    4. They will provide office and house for Zeta V executives
  3. Smart parking solution
    1. PoC to be conducted by Wipro
    2. On successful conduct of POC idea will be invested in by BEST City for its own use

Our endeavour would be to close in on the above opportunity and take them to conclusion in next couple of months.


Chinese media stories.

Video link:…&dict=21&w_qd=IlPT2AEptyoA_ykzx41c5w_w2ylSj8InzFENe30UuO5rLuI6V6-aupTeigprf2cSyvx6BMs_KXLYTQhvcwv6VJuQMC76UxDrZhIvBYceHZBLcGjJ1Zq&sec=24176&di=4d1200e6a0c5d46b&bdenc=1&nsrc=IlPT2AEptyoA_yixCFOxXnANedT62v3IEQGG_yJKLDm7pE37hPXsExhdXTqqAp7MJl0agTCcsx5Ex7GdWWYf7xJOrxpgsG9m7736s_Go


Stories in Indian media

NASSCOM inks pact with China HTML
The Hindu Business Line
National, 21 Sep 2017

NASSCOM inks deal with Chinese city govt to push AI
Financial Chronicle
Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, 21 Sep 2017


Indian, Chinese IT companies discuss avenues in artificial intelligence
The Economic Times
Online, 20 Sep 2017


Indian, Chinese tech firms explore tie-ups
Business Standard
Online, 20 Sep 2017

Indian, Chinese IT companies discuss avenues in artificial intelligence

Financial Express
Online, 20 Sep 2017

NASSCOM signs agreement with local Chinese government to push for AI and IoT

Online, 20 Sep 2017


NASSCOM signs agreement with local Chinese govt to push for AI
Online, 20 Sep 2017


Articles stating that NASSCOM has signed a major agreement with an influential local Chinese government to provide a head start for Indian firms in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. On the side lines of the first India-China Dalian IoT (Internet of Things) Conference, NASSCOM signed a framework agreement with Dalian Municipal People’s Government, allowing more Indian companies to penetrate huge Chinese software market. Mr. Gagan Sabharwal, Senior Director, Global Trade Development, NASSCOM is quoted as saying that India and China have both leveraged our human capital to become world leaders and are heralded as the fastest growing economies. He states that with the new digital wave, both countries today have a unique opportunity to merge hardware and software together to create smart solutions for the world.


Indian robot Mitra made in China steals the show at IT event
Mint | K J M Varma
Onlone, 20 Sep 2017


India’s robot ‘Mitra’ could be symbol of AI cooperation with China
Hindustan Times | Sutirtho Patranobis
Online, 20 Sep 2017


Meet Mitra, the robot designed by Bengaluru firm and made in China
India Today | Ananth Krishnan
Online, 20 Sep 2017


Mitra, the robot designed by Bengaluru-based start-up, manufactured in China
Financial Express
Online, 20 Sep 2017


Articles stating that Indian robot made in China, which could recognise people by their nationalities and guide customers in a bank, captivated Chinese manufacturers at the first India-China Dalian Internet of Things (IoT) Conference the southern port city of Dalian. The five-feet robot Mitra, which was designed in Bengaluru but manufactured in the Chinese city of Shenzhen was presented as a model of merger of India’s software prowess with China’s hardware, according to Mr. Gagan Sabharwal, Senior Director, Global Trade Development, NASSCOM. He stated that Mitra is a perfect example of how Indian software and China’s hardware can be merged, adding that the agreement helps to bring the small and medium-sized enterprises and startups of both the countries to launch into IOT and AI.





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