New book on IoT and cyber security

To secure India’s future as a digital superpower, we need to think ahead and secure our data, infrastructure, IP and innovation by securing our digital footprint. In an environment where the cyber threats are growing each day exponentially, and the country is having to deal with cyberattacks arising from regional geopolitical tensions, and trade-related repercussions, the nation’s progress could be held hostage by state and non-state actors acting independently or in concert.

With increasing investments in malware and breach tactics, hackers now have the upper hand in almost every situation, and this presents many risks to our economic growth, national interests and safety of our citizens online.

What can India do to secure its digital footprint, and how can it deal with cyber threats and other risks connected with her digital ambitions? What can be done to turn this predicament into an opportunity? Where are the attacks coming from, and why? What game-changing event occurred in cyberspace after the Balakot strike by the Indian Air Force and how is it relevant to our cybersecurity narrative? How can India thwart attempts to spread misinformation and fake news, and how is it related to cybersecurity? And how can India turn into a cybersecurity powerhouse? Dot Your I’s and Cross Your T’s offers answers to these questions and more.

This book is an attempt to provide a starting point to look at this critical topic and its linkages with fields such as protecting national interests, critical infrastructure, securing mass mobility, supply chains, intelligence gathering abilities and more. The book also highlights new threats that have emerged from the adoption of technologies such as IoT, AI, VR, Blockchain and more.

It is a must-read for cybersecurity policymakers, lawmakers, analysts, consultants, threat researchers, students and anyone who wishes to understand how India can manage its cybersecurity needs.

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