Revvx Accelerator is now a part of NASSCOM’s CoE-IoT

Internet of things (IoT) being the next big wave of capable talent, NASSCOM’s initiative for IoT has jumpstarted the ecosystem for entrepreneurship. The Indian trade association, NASSCOM with its Centre of Excellence for Internet of Things (CoE-IoT) has teamed up with Revvx – a Bangalore based hardware accelerator, to hasten focus on Startups in the realm of IoT. As a part of the association between the two entities, Revvx’s third batch of hardware accelerator will be taken over by NASSCOM’s Centre of Excellence for Internet of things, to actuate corporate advancement which would affect the possibilities significantly – emphasizing on IoT start-ups in areas such as health & wellness, retail & consumer electronics, Industrial IoT, agriculture, energy, smart cities, lifestyle, healthcare, automotive and AI.

Furthermore, NASSCOM’s CoE-IoT facilitates numerous enterprise connects and lanes out diverse mentorship for all of its start-ups, comprising of 300+ virtually connected ones. Revvx, in its hardware accelerator programme runs three separate tracks—prototyping, mass manufacturing and distribution. The program has already incubated 15 start-ups and is currently inviting new ones.

“We want to catalyse rapid innovation and we can do that with the power of co-creation. That’s the idea behind on-boarding Revvx to lead our start-up and corporate accelerator initiatives which are components of our larger vision of co-creation,” as told by Mr. Sanjeev Malhotra, CEO of NASSCOM CoE IoT. The prime objective of the centre is to create innovative applications and bridge domains in their capability. In addition to this, the centre will help build industry proficient talent, start-up community and an entrepreneurial ecosystem for IoT.

A formal public statement was made at the hardware massive – a global platform for hardware start-ups to meet and collaborate through events around the world and online where it was pronounced. Exclusive innovation campaigns, workshops, mentorships will run as part of the initiative to co-innovate with start-ups.

As per a resource, Revvx works with corporate teams to structure innovation campaigns as per their mandates and then facilitate investments, co-distribution and co-creation tracks for corporate houses to build, buy, and partner with start-ups.

Mr. Kaushik, Founder of Revvx, said IoT products currently seem to solve trivial, ‘first world’ problems. Indian start-ups that work on software-as-a-service and IoT or artificial intelligence and IoT could be “game changers by solving emerging economy challenges”. He founded Revvx in 2015. This initiative also involves Department of Electronics & IT to promote the Indian IoT ecosystem. In addition, Revvx has also revealed plans to drive the NASSCOM Corporate Accelerator Program (NCAP) to catalyze corporate innovation.

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