Will blockchain save IoT?

As the footprint of IoT grows, so does the talk of it not being safe. There are reports of increased cyber attacks and other dangers that lurk in the corners of tomorrow’s technology. Unprotected devices in historically unprecedented numbers can pose a security problem but we may not be that far from the solution either.

Blockchain, part of IBM’s Watson offering is not just a solution but also a way of solving the problem. How?

Blockchains are secure because they’re distributed records of information. There’s no central repository of data that can be hacked or falsified. Each block in the record contains a computational hash of itself and of the previous block, like links in a chain. Any change to a block requires changes to all subsequent blocks, which makes it hard to fake data convincingly.

This article makes the connection between bitcoin tech and blockchains. Any other technology that is being used to make IoT safer?

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