TECHADE 2020 – Technologies driving global GDP in the decade to 2030

Global Megatrends are expected to generate high-impact opportunities, both at speed and at scale. This will require an unseen response agility from demand-supply-trust ecosystems built on a strong core of digital technologies and connectedness. While the emerging megatrends will need unprecedented coordination, planning, and execution adeptness from governments, corporates and citizens to manoeuvre, technology will emerge as the fundamental bedrock in orienting the outcomes towards greater good at lesser cost.

Globally, incumbent enterprises alone, aside of digital native start-ups, will generate technology products and services worth half of global GDP of USD 100 trillion by 2025. Nine digital technology areas will emerge as fastest growing and will have the highest impact, with the combined potential to deliver one-third of the USD 100 trillion. The nine areas include three foundational technologies – Big Data and Analytics (BDA), Cloud Computing, and Cybersecurity – and six advanced technologies – Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), 3D Printing, Robotics, Blockchain, and Immersive Media.

These technologies will profoundly affect enterprise, government, and end-consumer segments by enabling new-to-world business opportunities across sectors, provider-consumer interaction points, and established market segments. From edge-based infrastructure consuming 50% of new infrastructure spend led by end-point and cloudlet infrastructure, to two-thirds of enterprises building 90% cloud-native applications to support cloud-based AI workloads and AI-powered business models reducing mean-time-to-respond by less than half, optimal value of digital technologies will emerge from interconnected and interdependent applications. Here is a snapshot of the key components and potential impact of these technologies.

Read all about NASSCOM’s views on current and emerging state of the market around these key technologies, in the dedicated chapter attached. Each of the technology sections focuses on global State-of-the-Market, market developments supporting the adoption, technology trends, emerging use cases and their impact on each of the global megatrends. Get a detailed insight into the global trends here: Global Megatrends of the TECHADE 2020–2030.

Further, explore our entire viewpoint here Technology Sector in India 2020 – Techade the New Decade. Keep watching this space for a detailed blog on each of the nine technologies.



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