Connecting Startups & GICs

In a world which is increasingly leveraging complex ideas and advanced technology to drastically reduce turnaround time, and provide a superior experience to the client, the time is ripe for collaborative thinking to thrive. An avowed idea which is being leveraged by NASSCOM to connect GICs with startups to drive innovation, productivity and growth.

The NIPP (NASSCOM Industry Partnership Program) is designed to foster sustained engagement between large corporates (GICs in this case) and innovative technology ventures across India.

What’s in it for startups?

  • Direct and quick access to senior executives
  • Branding opportunities
  • Access to mentors
  • Access to strategic investments
  • Quicker access to global markets
  • Customer showcases

What’s in it for GICs?

It is common knowledge now that GICs have proliferated not just in numbers, but also in engagement levels in doing high-end work for their parents. The shift from cost arbitrage to one of strategic intent has been quick, precise and definitive, and success stories have paved the way for further confidence building. This program provides ready market access to latest technology that startups have come to be synonymous with.

The Delivery Mechanism

  • Virtual Corporate Accelerator
  • External Innovation Lab & Sandpit
  • Early Stage Engagement
  • Curated Connects Aligned to Strategy
  • Dedicated Research & Program Mgmt

It must be emphasized here that this program will have a pan-India outreach, will be industry agnostic, and will be on an open platform.

We would like to hear from you on this. How can we garner more support and deeper engagement?

Which are the ideas you would like to have implemented under this initiative? Do comment with your stories.

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