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Re: Leveraging the Innovation Eco system

It’s exciting to see energy and focus on this topic.

To be able to create an innovation ecosystem around us, an attitude of open-mindedness and trust on the ecosystem is vital. It’s always a leadership dilemma to draw a line between Business RoI and self-less investment to grow the ecosystem. With general culture outside, of increased risk-taking, it’s not quite uncommon that nimble, smaller players in the ecosystem overtake larger corporations on the innovation front. It needs to be bi-directional for it to become a win-win game

At PayPal India, we have rolled out some programs with an intent to not only nurture, but also learn from the innovation ecosystem around us. To share a few ideas that we have rolled out – Start Tank, our startup incubator is aimed towards supporting early-startups with much needed mentorship and space. Another program we have in place is called PayPal Business Challenge where our employees have formed teams to support small businesses with mentorship and advice, to attend to a specific business problem they have. We also have created a platform where non-profits can develop and benefit from the vibrant tech community here through a program called Opportunity Hack

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