SIDCOP – Fostering a Sino-Indian Digital Partnership

Increasing global footprints beyond our traditional markets has been a focus area. In this, China has a special significance and not least because of their strength in hardware which when effectively combined with our software prowess, can lead to smart solutions being created.

Making inroads into China hasn’t been easy but all of that is going to change soon. We have two NASSCOM IT Corridors running in Dalian and Guiyang in offline mode with feet on ground. They help identify strategic partner provinces & stakeholders, connect Chinese businesses with Indian companies and provide assistance to Indian companies to have a local presence. Our vision is to facilitate effective match-making between Indian & Chinese companies which can be scaled.

And now, the Sino Indian Digital Cooperation Platform (SIDCOP) has been unveiled. It’s an online platform which will reimagine the entire technology process from value ideation to value realization, particularly reducing the time taken for procurement (from 6 – 9 months right now to about 1 – 2 weeks). To start with, the existing IT Corridors of Dalian & Guiyang will come under its over-arching umbrella.

The AI-powered tech platform is geared to serve match-making between Indian & Chinese companies under the IT Corridor projects. The demo version of the platform was unveiled in China and both local Chinese companies and the government were most enthused about it. Particularly because the translation tool can remove language barrier which will aid Chinese manufacturers to partner with Indian software companies in their digital transformational journeys. In addition, a well maintained database of freelancers will help in talent transfer.

Gagan Sabharwal, Senior Director Global Trade at NASSCOM added: “It is our endeavour to create global alliances while creating permanent asset structure on ground that will serve the industry for years to come, on a chosen theme. We came up with this innovative IT Corridor model to promote industry growth in growing the domestic China market. Under this comprehensive model, we have tried to address all challenges that our industry faces in this region i.e. match-making, helping host companies adopt digital transformation, interpretation and creation of local ecosystem where Indian companies can be productive, in very short duration. We would very much like our member companies to leverage what we have created and seize the opportunity by being part of this platform.”

Indeed it’s a powerful platform and we await the formal launch in January. A customized invite is being sent to NASSCOM members, particularly the SME & Product companies. We’ve created a separate page where interested companies will soon be able to register. Watch this space for regular updates.

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