UK Immigration White Paper – Assessment

The UK Government (UKG)  published its Immigration White Paper yesterday. The Paper outlines proposals for UK’s future immigration system that will be in effect post 31-December-2020 (that is, after the “Brexit Implementation Period” gets over. Current rules will continue to apply till Dec-2020).

The proposals of the Immigration White Paper include –

  • UKG states its intention to establish a single-route immigration system for highly skilled workers, with no preference for EU citizens. Equal treatment to skilled immigrants, both EU and non-EU, was earlier announced by PM May on 2nd October 2018.
  • The current skill and salary threshold for Tier 2 intra-company transfers (ICTs) will be retained. UKG suggests that non-EEA nationals coming to the UK through the ICT route are therefore “not expected to see substantial impacts under the future system”.
  • UKG has taken forward a range of useful policy recommendations from the MAC (Migration Advisory Committee) report, particularly the decision not to prioritise EU citizens and the scrapping of the cap on Tier 2 (General) visas.

The White Paper is intended to provide a platform for discussion and explain the proposals, it is not the final future immigration system. There is a one year public consultation period, starting tomorrow, with businesses and stakeholders before the UKG publishes the Immigration Rules setting out the finalised detail of the future system. NASSCOM will seek response from our member companies and stakeholders, and will submit a response.


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