How does online ordering system work?


food ordering and delivery business have earned an eminent position in the e-commerce market. The success of the first generation of  food ordering startups like Just Eat, FoodPanda, and Foodler etc. have proved that if this business works with the latest trends, it can earn huge profits.

In spite of its popularity, many parts of it still remain unexplored and there is a market opportunity.

How does  Food Ordering & Delivery Marketplaces Work?


The working of  food ordering and delivery marketplace is quite simple. Following is a step-by-step guide:

1. Customers explore the list of the restaurants and their menus in a specific area.

2. They place the order and choose the desired payment method ( payment or COD).

3. Restaurant and marketplace owner get a notification about it.

4. Customers get a confirmation of their order.

5. The restaurant will start order processing and food preparation.

6. The order is delivered to the customer by the restaurant or third-party delivery service.

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