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Google Play – the Android app store – recently launched a Google Play Instant feature for users to try out new games and apps. This allow users to try out a game without downloading it. Users can test the app by tapping on “Try now” available on the Play store page. In this case, users are allowed to access and experience a portion of the full game that help them in deciding whether to download the game or not. One can now check out the game video trailers and list of top games as well as new games using tags like “New” or “Action” to find particular type of game using ‘Arcade’ tab available in the new version of Google Play Game. This section also introduces sections for paid games (“Premium”) and another for upcoming and trending games (“New”). It also features “live operations” banners and cards which alerts users if they have already installed it.



Google Play Instant feature have allowed gamers to play certain games without clearing the storage space to try new games. This feature is still in Beta. Users can try handful of games in the Google Play Store. Here is the list of games supported at the Instant gameplay page.

  •       Clash Royale



  •        Words with Friends 2



  •        Bubble Witch 3 Saga



  •        Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire



  •        Solitaire



  •        Mighty Battles



The experience may vary from game to game. For instance, game Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire display a quick video that lasts a few seconds whereas Bubble Witch 3 Saga provides few full levels. Users can install the game or can simply exit after trying it. A small collection of Instant Apps are available now, including those from BuzzFeed, NYTimes (Crossword), Hollar, Skyscanner and others. Google Play Instant will rise up much faster when compared to Instant apps, which take very long time to be available to developers from the time of announcement.  Google Play Instant experiences are available in the Google Play Store, the Google Play Games app or wherever the games links are shared. The Google has also created an ‘Instant Gameplay collection’ where users can check the ‘Google Play Instant’ experience.

Google Instant happens quickly without any major delays. Google have also expanded its Google Maps APIs for developers, who build AR and VR games, and also to promote their games with payable in-game advertisements in the other games that have already been sold at Google Play Store. Instant apps will include a link to download the app at the top of the screen. Users can share the app and they will be able to launch directly into that section of the app if they haven’t installed it previously.

Google Play Instant feature will result in helping users by saving the data costs as they will not download the entire game. This also boosts the quality games and apps as users can easily judge the quality of the experience. FuGenX is a leading company in the area of game development in UAE. FuGenX developed 100+ top-notch mobile games on various genres like sports, racing, adventurous, puzzle, action, board, fighting and shooting.

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