MyGov Seeks Partners to go Real-time

What if, your call to the Government help-line, is not only responded immediately but also the response/action/status update becomes real-time. This can soon be a reality as MyGov is planning to automate their feedback mechanism and reduce the time to action and respond. In this regard, MyGov in association with CoE-DSAI (NASSCOM) has launched “Citizen Voice Challenge” to explore application of “Artificial Intelligence” towards automation leading to targeted governance, effective and timely response in resolution of Citizen issues.


MyGov has an operational voice helpline, which allows users to call and leave feedback and suggestions. It has more than 6.5 Million users who contribute their ideas through discussions, generating over 3.8 million comments on various issues and this number is growing exponentially every day. These citizen voice notes are critical in encouraging inclusive and participative governance and fostering key policy initiatives for the government. The voice notes, primarily in Hindi & regional languages, are captured.


The current mechanism is human dependent and involves manual listening, transcribing and categorization. This takes time and can mean delays where critical resolution might be the need of the hour for certain issues. This also can lead to errors and might impact service and resolution delivery.


To address this, the Citizen Voice Challenge is live from 14th September and gives an opportunity to individuals/teams/companies registered in India with expertise in Natural Language Processing and Voice to Text Conversion to apply and demonstrate their capability to help MyGov automate their helpline. The challenge is based on a subset of voice recordings (training data) allowing qualified participants to build their algorithms/techniques/solutions and demonstrate their capability. The evaluation is going to be done in 3 stages to shortlist the top 10 participants across India who will be eligible to commercialize their developed solution with MyGov.


Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Generation is an AI based solution that Companies and Governments are exploring and using to automate processes that are voice dependent and also service FAQs. The impact of this solution is wide ranging and with the ‘Citizen Voice Challenge’ the impact can be nationwide and all citizens irrespective of language can be empowered real-time to reach the Government at the highest level and make themselves heard, leading to a “TRUE” democracy.

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