Software testing to Digital Quality Assurance: A Paradigm Shift

The report ‘Software testing to Digital Quality Assurance – A paradigm shift’ shares a detailed look at the global and Indian trends in software testing with insights for businesses, company boards, testing professionals & other stakeholders. It is designed to offer an understanding on the industry and how new age skillsets are becoming prerequisites for software testers to compete and grow in an organization. There has been an increase in share of testing services due to business transformation, supported by Agile/ DevOps and automated testing platforms. Domain specific testing continues to gain popularity with dedicated teams catering to specific client requirements. Some sectors have always found favor with the Indian software testing market. However, do we still see the trend continuing or are preferences changing?

As people form the core of any successful technology/ organization, let’s read on to find the challenges and opportunities and the way forward for achieving a skilled and evolving workforce to complement testing with emerging technologies.

Finally, the report provides a broad view on the evolution of vendor capabilities, the government’s initiatives to drive growth and the rise in outsourcing and crowdsourcing of software testing as emerging trends.

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