Leader Talk: Interview with Bipul Sinha, CEO, Rubrik


NASSCOM staff writer in conversation with Bipul Sinha, CEO, Rubrik


  1. Disaster Recovery – insights on the current state of the Indian market and future prospects.

The scope of digitization in India is northward bound and a very steep incline at that. Applications and devices have to be up and running 24 / 7 and hence the need for disaster recovery solutions is extremely high – a positive for ecosystem players.


  1. Insights on the Indian Cloud market – present state, challenges and the road ahead.

Cloud Technology has a great future in India. MNCs including the giants like Amazon have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in this market and a symbiotic relationship is on the cards as digitization continues its onward march. The huge adoption of telecom is yet another significant driver. To add, Indian businesses are increasingly going global including M&As which are on the rise. Cloud Computing is a significant part of this transformative journey.   


  1. Rubrik’s point of differentiation.

It has to be Rubrik’s new architecture for data management. Instead of 3 – 4 hardware devices, it is simplified through one software. In addition, the process of data recovery is made easier.    


  1. Please share your thoughts on data security – particularly at the time of disaster recovery.

Securing data is primary. Risk mitigation is done in various stages and goes right upto the end point of the network. A stratified approach ensures that recovery is quick and there’s no compromise on accuracy.


  1. What kind of AI applications do you foresee in your particular business?

 Don’t believe that AI should be adopted just because the whole world is talking about it. However, there are specific machine learning algorithms being adopted which are yielding tremendous results.


  1. How do you drive a culture of innovation?

Culture is driven by people. At the time of recruitment, they look out for certain characteristics: integrity, a strong sense of ownership, ambition, wanting to break status quo to make a difference and of course, it has to be about speed.


  1. Specific initiatives that you undertake for re-skilling employees and vendors?

As new applications get introduced, make forays into new markets, the culture of continuous learning prevails. They work with global vendors and system integrators, so the learning happens from both ends. 


  1. Your Leadership Mantra & pivots for future?
  • Be fearless and have the ability to execute.
  • Explore and venture out in areas where no one has gone before.
  • Continuous learning.

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