Karnataka Government notifies Karnataka Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Rules 2019

The Government of Karnataka has notified the Karnataka Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Rules 2019 pertaining to Creche facilities. The Rules are applicable to commercial establishment with 50 or more employees in the State.  They have come into effect from August 8th 2019.

Following are some of the key provisions of the Rules:

  • Distance Criteria – The Rules mandates every establishment to provide and maintain Creche facility either in the premises or within 500 meter distance from the entrance gate of the establishment to children upto 6 years of age
  • One Creche for every 30 children: The Rules also mandates that there shall be one Creche for every 30 children
  • Working Hours: The operating hours of the Creche shall corresponds to the working hours of the parents of the children.
  • Medical checkups and records: There is requirement for carrying out medical checkups of the children once in every two months and their BMI every month. Further, there is requirement to maintain records of such information for each children.
  • Staff:  The Rules prescribes every Creche should have crèche-in-charge to look after the children. In addition, there is also a requirement to have Creche Assistant and Ayahs.
  • Other requirements: The Rules also prescribes minimum requirements for building material and facilities required for setting up Creche facilities

Copy of the Rules are enclosed for your kind reference.


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