Policy Advocacy: Public sector procurement to have more conducive framework to help start-ups

Very recently my startup thought of exploring the requirements in the public sector with the Government of India, thanks to the opportunity listing of tenders provided by Nasscom. It is a great initiative to make innovative startups interested in exploring their solutions to Public Sector organisations too. We did explored few RPF’s and RPQ’s to see if our innovative and cost effective solution can have some applicability. We did found some interesting RFQ’s and started exploring. But then we discovered following hurdles.

  1. In-spite of MSME notifications and DIPP’s push to government organisations for relaxations of prerequisites for startups still there is a lot of grey area and any one can hack a startup out of the race by pulling a needle out of haystack
  2. There is no standardisation to framing of the pre-requisites for the startups, which will encourage their participation.
  3. No matter how brilliant the start-up solution is in comparison to the existing old school methodology, the procurement process never has the capability to comparison
  4. The Government talks a lot about startups but the public procurement has the least confidence in startups
  5. IT projects being the big budget projects, no matter if they can be easily handled by innovation by a startup, will always remain a distant dream.

Considering these observations we feel that a Nasscom as a policy advocates should takes these issues with the Indian Government and matures the framework that can help startups be the fuel for national growth.


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