Telangana Govt Exempts IT/ITeS Companies from key provisions of Telangana Shops and Commercial Establishment Act for period of 5 years

The Government of Telangana recently issued a notification dated 25.07.2019, exempting all IT/ITeS companies in the State from the provisions of Section 15 (Opening and Closing Hours), Section 16 (Daily and Weekly Hours of Work), Section 21 (Special Provision for young person), Section 23 (Special provision for women) and Section 31 (Other Holidays). This exemption is effective retrospectively from 30.05.2018 and valid upto 30.05.2023 subject to the certain conditions.

Some of the key exemption conditions are appended below:

  • Working Hours: Weekly working hours shall be 48 hours for an employee. Beyond this stipulated time, employee shall be eligible for overtime wage
  • Permission to engage young person in night shift: The women and young person are permitted to work in night shift subject to certain safety and security conditions
  • Compensatory off with Wages: Employees shall be eligible for a comp off along with Wages if they work on notified holidays
  • Records and background screening of drivers: Companies would be required to conduct background screening of all drivers (own or third party) and maintain their records
  • Maintenance of statutory registers: Companies are allowed to maintain statutory registers in softcopy as a proof of compliance

The Telangana Government has already done away with the renewal of registration for shops and commercial establishment, subject to the payment of annual fee.

On a separate notification GO. Ms.No 24 dated 25.07.2019 , the Telangana Govt. has permitted IT/ITeS companies to work 365 days for a further period 3 years (w.ef  16.6.2019) , subject to certain conditions

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  1. That seems to be a very bold step…… will the industry (in Telangana) still continue to follow Nasscom best practices for women safety, specially ones working in night shifts?

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