3 Product Challenges of an Entrepreneur Half-day seminar for start-ups and new product owners

Why should you attend ?
The really successful start-ups are those that believe that they are half right, and half wrong, and quickly figure out which half is wrong. – Rich Mironov, Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur a.k.a The ‘Product Guy’

Successful products are not an accident, even if it looks like that from the outside. Product Success comes to start-ups that find and tackle their challenges early, and do it well.

Which is why, whether you are a start-up co-founder, just had a new business idea, or you’re creating a business plan for a new product at a large company – you should grab this chance to listen to Rich. With deep experience of the product challenges that Silicon Valley start-ups have faced, Rich gives businesses valuable perspectives on moving from ‘good idea’ to ‘market winner’.

Participating in the 3 Product Challenges of an Entrepreneur event gives you:
A recipe to anticipate the key challenges you will need to beat
A chance to connect with 150 fellow product warriors facing similar challenges and
A wave of fresh enthusiasm for the tough journey you’re on!

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