6 Workplace Chat Apps to Keep your Team Integrated at Work

Good communication lies at the heart of success in almost everything at work. Workplace chat apps encourage the creation of better work relations. Nowadays, these work chat apps are becoming the most basic ingredient in establishing a happier place of work and to communicate with one another effectively.

Chat applications are fundamental for team collaboration, which are faster than E-mail and an efficient way for colleagues to chat and stay connected, share files, and work across multiple devices without having to dig into the inboxes of emails. These team collaboration chat apps offer stellar services for office-communication by promoting co-operative interactions between the teams as well as departments.

Keep your team well- communicated in the organizations with these outstanding top 6 chat apps at your workplace :

1. Slack :

Slack- an incredible and most popular instant messaging app, is available on IOS, Android, MAC and as a web app. The conversations are held in channels, while users can drag, drop file sharing from the desktop, Dropbox and I Cloud.

What more, all your public, private and one-on-one chats are absolutely secure. This app is free to download with standard features while the version with enhanced features costs $49–99 per month.

2. Facebook Workplace :

Facebook Workplace — A Business collaboration application, which is designed especially for intra-corporate connectivity. It is one of the latest releases for IOS and Android to keep your team connected at work.

This app allows the employees to be together by creating groups and to share thoughts. Users can communicate with end with the whole team and avail special features like video calling, messaging, searchability, file sharing, event announcement, and notifications.

3. Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger- a new effective business chat app that holds the entire office on single screen letting all the team members to interact with each other. Troop Messenger offers both individual and group chat facility across IOS, Android or Web app. This app will support multiple app formats to share. You can also forward and reply to messages in the groups or in individual chats.

A perfect server-side encryption to provide high-end security for your chat history. Troop Messenger provides limitless storage facility with unlimited multimedia sharing and message feature. Here you can have a chance to create a number of groups with any number of users.

Any Troop Messenger user can search for other user or group to start a conversation by typing their individual name or group name at the search bar located at the top of the contact list. Their application also contains the self-chat feature, which is used to save the ideas or data of your own and which you do not want to share with others at the present.

Troop Messenger has push notification option for its mobile app and desktop notification for its web app. You can also see the chat status in the form of ticks.

4. Instant Bird

Instant Bird- A leading cross-platform office messenger application that lets you communicate with your colleagues in your own way. Data exchanged is 100 % confidential and secure.

It is a customizable and easy-to-use application, which works as an add-on to Mozilla’s Firefox. This app contains attractive features like beautiful themes, emoticons, and Magic copy.

5. Pie ( Joined to Google)

Pie- the most fun business communication application which uses your work email as login. This app is akin to WhatsApp and WeChat in features. For business purpose, you can sign up here and teams can log in whenever they want.

In this app, Chats are divided into categories and available free on both mobile and browser.

6. Google Apps :

Google Apps- the online team chat application for online communication. In this app, there is no need to send documents to and from each other, everyone can edit the same document can from anywhere in real time.

Now synchronize your calendar and mail with your smartphone or tablet so you can work from anywhere in the country or world even. It also provides for better mail management option and also keeps your team organized with the documents, files, images, videos, and slideshow through Google sites feature.



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