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Announcement of New product: GUI library for building web applications

Dear Friends,

Pioneer-soft created the most advanced GUI library for building data driven graphics intensive GUI application for web (i.e. can be executed in web browsers). The Unique features of our product named Bhalu library include:

1. Only comprehensive solution in the world for building and maintaining data driven graphics intensive real GUI applications for web (i.e. to run in browsers). Today there exists no other comprehensive GUI solution for building large GUI applications for web, which is comparable to the GUI platforms (e.g. Windows-API or Java/Swing) that are used for building desktop GUI applications.

2. Our GUI library is the simplest solution for building GUI applications for web. Even a junior programmer or collage graduate having basic training in Java can start creating large GUI application from day one. Today there exists many incomplete solutions for building data driven GUI application for web, each of them are too complex. That is, they require substantial learning such as mastering new tag-library, new framework and programming models.

3. Only GUI library in the world designed to create real-software-components for achieving real CBSD (Component Based Design for software). Even the desktop GUI libraries can’t create real-software-components for achieving real CBSD, which is to implement about 90% of the features and functionality in real-software-components. Just like physical functional components, real-software-components eliminate spaghetti code. Each real-software-component can be redesigned and tested individually outside of the product free from spaghetti code. So it requires a fraction of the cost and time to make large changes, since most products require changing frequently and/or continuously.

Our product offers many other such unique advantages over existing products (e.g. Wicket, GWT, ZK or Vaadin). For example, while documentation for their framework and programming models span several hundred pages, our documentation is under two pages (not including, of course, reference to set-methods for each reusable class to configure each GUI component).

We are offering very simple instruction for using each of the reusable GUI components. For example, see chart gallery at: Please click on the link for reviewing a half-page documentation for start using Bhalu’s reusable Java-classes. We are planning to market this product using Freemium model. So our first version will be free for early adopters.

Best Regards,
Raju Chiluvuri
CEO, Pioneer-soft

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