Bridging Information, Insight and Impact

As Analytics business partners, we focus on providing value to our customers by bridging the gap from information to insight to impact and striving for operationalization of Analytics.

–Prithvijit Roy, CEO and Co-Founder, BRIDGEi2i

BRIDGEi2i was set up in 2011 by Analytics industry pioneers and veterans from GE and HP. Prithvijit Roy, the CEO and Co-Founder of BRIDGEi2i says, In our previous organizations, we had exposure to the value systems and robust processes and we did not have to reinvent the wheel; here in BRDIGEi2i, we are in a process of building a large enterprise and therefore we have to create our own value system and we have to create processes that would enable us in scaling up.

Prithvijit, popularly known as Jit says, There is a larger need for Analytics as the enterprises across the world have started to realize the power of data. There is a need for monetizing data for achieving top and bottom line impact.

The three founders decided that BRIDGEi2i would have a clear focus on providing value to customers by bridging the gap from information to insight to impact and by operationalizing analytics for businesses.

Today, the rapidly growing firm based out of India and US, is partnering with enterprises across the world to deliver sustainable business impact based on actionable insights derived by leveraging big data and analytics. It has emerged as a trusted partner more than 10 Fortune 500 companies and helped them achieve accelerated outcomes by simplifying and embedding analytics in their DNA.

BRIDGEi2i has developed domain and function-specific solutions with technology acting as an accelerator to build and deploy its solutions.  Jit says, We have created solutions that are technology enabled which companies can adopt easily. We focus on personalization and optimization techniques.

Driving datascience in Marketing by creating a Marketing Science Centre; enabling Sales Acceleration, focusing on Supply Chain Excellence; helping drive Compliance Risk and Model Monitoring and using data to address HR challenges are a few focus areas for the company.
We need not start from scratch, we have algorithms to capture and process the data and the front-end layer to use that data. says the CEO.

While the company has gained considerable traction in its chosen markets, the initial days were fraught with the usual challenges. It was tough to convince companies, especially large enterprises, that as an early stage organization BRIDGEi2i was a serious player. The company’s approach, therefore, was to give them comfort, with a well-articulated value proposition and proof-of-concepts in their particular area of business.

We learnt to play with uncertainties, every small win provided satisfaction. We learnt something even with the lost deals and these helped us win the next deal, Prithvijit comments.
Given their experience of working in top analytics shops, the company always focused on finding and grooming the right talent who would share their vision and values.

Having achieved significant growth over the last four years, BRIDGEi2i is planning to expand its presence in verticals such as Retail, Telecom, Healthcare, Hospitality and Consumer Care. It believes that the opportunity in these segments will get bigger as analytics shifts from just being a buzzword to actually delivering value. India too is drawing attention as segments like Financial services and Telecom are now thinking of analytics to provide them with the value and competitive edge they are seeking. The company will also be looking to increase its depth of solution, to enhance its usability in the business scenario.

Success for BRIDGEi2i has been always been a combination of focus and patience. Jit believes that being all over the place in terms of ideas cannot create success. As he says, Real success is like cricket test matches; it is all about the patience and evolution in winning the match, one over at a time.

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