Bridging the Gap in Google Apps ecosystem – CloudCodes

      We want to be the security and control choice for Cloud apps.
-Rahul Bhavsar and Debasish Pramanik, CloudCodes

  Rahul Bhavsar and Debasish Pramanik began CloudCodes in 2011, with the view to bridge the gaps they saw in the Google Apps eco-system and to build a security and control layer for enterprise customers wanting to move to the Google Cloud.

  The duo realized that the biggest stumbling blocks in the path of companies keen to undertake this migration were security, privacy and compliance.

  The company developed admin tools and business applications leveraging Google Cloud technologies. It created for instance, gControl, a Cloud Firewall for Google Apps, which adds a layer on top of Google Apps for an enterprise.

  The journey of the company began with the development of ten different products, which were finally consolidated (and some even dropped), within one-and-a-half year of its inception. Last year, we got angel funding from Google employees who believed in us. This greatly spurred our development efforts and enabled us to improve the quality of our products, says Debasish.
This has resulted in the company projecting revenues of USD 500,000 for this financial year and targeting USD 1 million in the next. Today, CloudCodes has 250 clients, including three of the top five financial institutions or broking firms in India and 60-70 channel partners.

  While we struggled initially, starting this year, we have witnessed an escalation in our sales pipeline. We have good partners and have earned their recognition, he adds.
The experience of building CloudCodes, according to Rahul and Debasish, has brought them several learnings. We learnt that it was very important to understand your core strengths-your domain expertise. That you need to find gaps in the segments where you are the subject matter expert. Following this, it is important to look at your competition.  As a software products company, you must explore the global market and not the local market. Thanks to the Cloud, we have been able to address global problems and challenges. Then, you have to make your business scalable and free of geographic restrictions, comments Rahul.

  Going forward, CloudCodes is intending to improve its traction within the Google eco-system, while looking beyond it. There are five million companies focusing on Google Apps, but we want to address more than 10 million customers. We will be looking to expand our products to over other eco-systems such as Microsoft, Salesforce, and Amazon, among others. We will open major addressable markets for ourselves by extending the capabilities of our existing products. The vision is to make our products a platform for enterprises to run any of their enterprise Cloud apps. We want to be the security and control choice for Cloud apps, states Debasish.

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