Co-Innovation: Enterprise Start-up Collaboration


NASSCOM’s “Co-Innovation: Enterprise Start-up Collaboration” underlines how Enterprises and Start-ups work together to solve the industry issues and create new products and services. The report covers different aspects of collaboration like collaboration types, bottlenecks, technology focus areas, kind of support, etc. The report is a result of in-depth interviews with over 30 Enterprises and Start-ups to develop a deep understanding of the collaboration landscape.

Key Highlights

Collaborative Landscape

• 100% of surveyed enterprises collaborate with start-ups to create disruptive solutions and fuel innovation
• 7 out of 10 Enterprises feel that ‘Ways of Doing business in
Start-ups and Enterprises’ is a major collaboration challenge
• 20 Enterprises collaborated with 5-20 start-ups each in the past 1 year

Key Focus Areas

• Keenness to collaborate with start-ups to provide latest innovations
• 6 stage Start-up Development model
• Emerging domains – Additive manufacturing, Cyber security, Edge/fog computing, Sensors, 3-D modelling, Energy

Business Perspective

• Benefits for Start-ups collaborating with Enterprises
• Enterprises usually invest in Early stage and growth stage start-ups

Practical Use Cases
• Highlighting Enterprise Start-up Collaboration Snapshot




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