Comment in MIT Technology Review on India

Comment in MIT Technology Review which i found interesting and thus sharing,

On Article,


India’s economy doesn’t need enterpreners who can make grocery shopping easier. India’s economy to see its full potential requires to build or focus on smart cities such as below,

India requires multitude of engineers (to compete with China, since China is going to be the next US within few years) with expertise in space technology, defense technology, heavy machinery, infrastructure, and all sorts of power generation including nuclear surpassing the west.

Somewhere in the Indian Education System this concept of making fast money instead of developing good solid technologies is driving youth to mediocre methods of making money, and unless the Indian Govt. does something fast, this new generation will go down the drain similar to the previous generation, which isn’t good for the country.

For E.g. Ambani group which has spawned several defense companies is actually looking to China for hiring engineers since they cannot find Indian engineers with the required skill set due to their mediocrity (probably most of them are writing java apps for grocery shopping)

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