Customer centricity for d!conomy – A day in CeBIT 2015

Earlier businesses knew their customers by their name, birthday, anniversary and address. In this digital economy, customer is known from the insights of his/her digital foot print over the web. This gradual transformation from a person to person interaction to a person to machine interaction is where technology comes into play.

 I went to CeBIT, which is one of the world’s largest technology events. The event had 300,000+ visitors, 3000+ exhibitors from all around the world and everyone were aligned to CeBIT’s theme of d!economy. CeBIT spotlighted digitalization of all segments of the economy and society.

 The three buzz words I heard at CeBIT were Big Data, Digitalization, and Customer Centricity; in which the first two words are needed by businesses to be customer centric. The root of these buzz words is data, without which d!economy cannot exist. During the first two waves of digitalization, companies were technology centric but now due to competition and advance technologies available in the market, customers can choose services that better suit them.

To add to the theme of CeBIT Intense Technologies spoke on a case study of one of the world’s largest telecom service provider (TSP) titled Business agility that delivered B2B digital customer experience. This large TSP wanted to become customer centric by modernizing their existing infrastructure to better service their enterprise customers. Customer data was available in silos and sending a single bill to a client needed 17 different billing systems.

 Intense Technologies first gave them a unified platform that collected customer data(in various formats) from various  data sources, cleansed it, identified relationships between data and collated it to provide a 360 degree view of customer interactions.  All this was done in a staggering time of less than 9 months. The audience was surprised and asked how this was possible. Intense Technologies later explained the audience that their platform is plug and play software that has been tested over 10 years in fortune 500s.

 This year Intense Technologies wanted to further be involved with CeBIT by exhibiting their customer experience lifecycle platform at the event. The platform being part of a niche domain was not popular among visitors. This was a good opportunity for Intense Technologies to talk to people about their domain and where they stand in it.

 On the whole CeBIT portrayed that customer centricity is needed for d!conomy and Intense Technologies was a good fit to their theme.

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