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My vision is for Wegilant to become the de-facto standard in the mobile app security space by 2020. –Toshendra Sharma, CEO, Wegilant

Founded in 2011 by IIT Bombay alumnus Toshendra Sharma, Wegilant has innovated a Cloud-based Android App Security Tool called Appvigil.

Toshendra was attracted to the idea of security and hacking since his days at IIT, where he worked on static code analysis for security. I decided to extend that work as a product in Wegilant. We were spurred in this direction by the boom in the mobile arena and the fact that privacy violations could take place if someone hacked an application, Toshendra says.

Appvigil, a Cloud-based Android App security scanner, searches for security loopholes in Android applications. It helps developers and enterprises identify security and privacy vulnerabilities-basically check whether their app is hackable-during the application development lifecycle. It also recommends patches, thus reducing the chances of the app being damaged at the production level, where the cost of recovery is huge.

Our product additionally helps companies to check an app before it is installed in their network, to avoid any potential hacking of their infrastructure. It enables developers to scan their app against live malware and test it against all antivirus software to ensure that the app is not being reported as malicious through REST APIs. Since it is based on Wegilant’s private Cloud, the product is also very affordable, says Toshendra.

The CEO and founder, who began the company because he always wanted to work independently, even though he knew little about entrepreneurship, adds he has come a long way since then.

Now, when I have understood the game, I have a sharp, crystal clear vision and a global dream for the company. My vision is for Wegilant to become the de-facto standard in the mobile app security space by 2020, he states.

According to Toshendra, the company’s early success rests on the fact that it has managed to resolve a painful problem through its product. In his view, a strong team including advisers and investors and a cross-border customer base have also contributed to Wegilant’s competitive edge.

It is Toshendra dream that one day Google will recommend the use of Appvigil prior to the installation of any app on the mobile, or its uploading on the Playstore.

Talking about what he would like to change if he could begin all over again, Toshendra says it is learning to start, run and manage a company, before actually launching one! This would be better than learning while running, because that process is very harsh and painful. Doing this can help save a lot of time and energy as well, he adds.

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