Doing Business in North Sudan

Dear Friends-
Need your help to connect me to some banks and corporate law firm based out in Delhi to streamline our projects from North Sudan. we are getting good opportunities from North Sudan but learning that:-
1. North Sudan is in restricted countries from US. so, many banks does not provide banking facilities e.g. issuing performance bank guarantee to a customer in sudan.
2. in order to receive payments from sudan, some local agent gets involved to route payment to India as none of sudani companies can remit out from their country. So, how to fix those agents, what kind of agreement to be done with customers/agents to safeguard payments and other business terms.
3. many hardware vendors e.g. Dell, HP..does not supply their equipment in Sudan and so does not have support structure to provide support/AMC for their products. So, any experience who are global players who provide hardware servers there in Sudan.
4. from anyone’s experience — what other points to be taken care.

Looking forward to your advice and inputs..

With Best Regards
Harish Bansal

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