Get Inspired at NASSCOM Product Conclave

The agenda at NPC this year is very different, its topical, provides you varied perspectives and help you shape your business ahead. Do download the agenda outline and see how we interweave key themes in different formats. The event features leading Indian start-ups that are scaling or have built world class technology and products. Hear from some of the top minds and foremost leaders, both India and Globally, in AI/ML/NLP, AR, VR, SaaS, etc including from Research & Academia. block your seat now and hear these 10 themes that matter the most to you.

  1. AI– is the biggest disruption in our lifetime and NPC takes a holistic view of how this will reshape the future of products. Attend the Deep Tech Summit wherein you hear about Data is tomorrow’s fuel, Synthesizable AI; Aifi Summit wherein product companies and customers demonstrate their adoption of AI; VC Panel that talks of investment in Frontier Tech; Keynotes on When Machines become human, Unconference discussion and much more..
  2.  Saas   Is India emerging as the melting pot for world class SaaS products? Attend the SaaS theme at NPC though a dedicated summit, keynote with SaaS unicorn and an unconference wherein you get to ask all your questions and debate with your peers.
  3. Enterprise Products – While a lot of attention is given to the B2C sector, it’s interesting how enterprise products in India are maturing and innovating. Learn more about the Future of Enterprise products through the lens of the VCs, Digital CXOs and product founders who have scaled their ventures.
  4. Made in India, Made for the World – Global MNCs are leveraging India for building world class products – NPC hosts some of the best engineering leaders from Fortune 500 companies who share their experience and strategies to build India as a product hub.
  5. Money matters – You read every day about billions of dollars being raised, but are struggling to raise your first or next round. NPC cover the funding lifecycle through different formats – Live funding session, Angel connect and VC Connect. Get your first million or your next Series round through NPC.
  6. Verticalised products – Do you build horizontal or vertical products, how do you scale in a vertical sector, what are some key trends shaping these sectors – NPC brings you focused discussions and connects for Fintech, EdTech, Healthtech, RetailTech and Smart Cities.
  7. What’s new in tech – : NPC looks at the technology shifts and what it means for an entrepreneur building products – attend the blockchain summit, the IOT connect, the futurist keynotes and build your business to the next level.
  8. Go to market strategies – NPC brings you the best speakers that will share tips and strategies on go to market strategies for getting customers, expanding in global markets and building your brand.
  9. The Innovation Ecosystem – What is unique about India’s innovation ecosystem, what can we learn from global ecosystems in Israel, US, Japan, how do collaborations work between startups and enterprise, role of corporate accelerators.. we cover all this and more at NPC
  10. India’s Digital Dream – Indian government, enterprise, SMB and consumers are all adopting digital at a different pace. How is this fueling innovation in India. NPC for the first time has a dedicated focus on the India opportunity through dedicated CXO panels, CXO connect and keynotes with distinguished leaders who have built successful businesses in India. 

 Attend the NASSCOM Product Conclave 2017, Bangalore to learn about world class technologies and products. 

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