GPS or Indian Regional Navigation Guided Map to National Parks

I initially sent this product inquiry to and they suggested i post it on one of the Nasscom sites,

Context is as follows,


I was browsing through your site ( trying to find out what are the best possible routes to travel to the major national parks within India from any given City (e.g. Mumbai),

Either via road (existing and planned) or train (existing and planned) routes, and its extremely difficult for me to gather enough details to form a usable map – without several middlemen or tour operators handing out superfluous information.

A (GPS or Indian Regional Navigational System) guided route would be extremely useful. In the absence of this a map detailing the existing or planned routes to the national parks from a major city would also help.

Can you give me this information and an approximate price if this information is to be customized/collated into a usable travel map (preferably electronic) for May 2020.


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