Has SyncNScan lost the battle?

India has always welcomed entrepreneurship with open hands. Amongst the new startups, a young company set up by ex-Microsoft leaders were pioneers in introducing anti-virus for mobile devices. SyncNScan has been competing with leaders like Quick Heal, McAffee, Kaspersky to gain a higher market share and expand its customer base. However, the company has lost its way in the race because of barely any promotion. Above the line promotion has proved to be successful in this niche segment, especially in a market like India where customers are constantly hooked onto their devices, promotional strategies like television advertisements, hoardings have worked in favor of startups. So why is SyncNScan not investing in ATL promotion? It believes that investing in ATL promotion will distract them from their main vision i.e customer satisfaction and improving the quality of their products.

When interviewed the owner of the company, Tarun Anand, his reply to this question was “ We do not believe in spending money on TVC and other above the line promotional activities. The reason is that we have seen various companies like Syska and AppsDaily implode after spending a lot of money on promotions. In the end promotions does not imply business longevity and it can only give you a short term revenue uplift”.

Investing in ATL promotion can make the company well known in it’s sector and help them compete with other giants. If SyncNScan does not wake up and smell the coffee, it might be too late for it to even survive in this market.

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