Indian Goverment’s Regional GPS

We are a university outfit run out of UCSD (,_San_Diego) and develop the following product ( A Chinese outfit manufactures around 25-30k devices for us each year primarily for students in BRIC countries.

Recently we outfitted this device with a SIMPLEX version of the GlobalStar Satellite Modem ( Modem.pdf) mainly for tracking and monitoring purposes. The consumer version of this Chipset is dirt cheap including its corresponding consumer tracking/monitoring service (~10 dollars or so).

The Indian Goverment plans to develop a regional version of a GPS satellite System ( Wondering if this is a GPS (receive only) system or a (transmit/receive) system similar to the above which would make tracking/monitoring possible anyplace on the Indian subcontinent.

Since MediaTek ( might integrate the GlobalStar Satellite Modem (SIMPLEX or possibly the DUPLEX version) on their MTK quad core Chipsets in the near future and since Mediatek chipsets are in most Android smartphones sold in Asia, wondering if the Indian Goverment has any rules/policies on the same.

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