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Know, Engage, Retain Your App Users Better with MoEngage

We are profiling nearly one-fourth of smart phone users in India on a monthly basis. That is the extent of our scale.
Raviteja Dodda, CEO, MoEngage

Founded by Raviteja Dodda, MoEngage helps App companies know their customers better, engage with them and retain them through personalized and targeted messages.

MoEngage was conceived by Raviteja at a time when he was already running a mobile app company that helped people discover offers and coupons of local retailers. We scaled this quite well, until we saw certain problems with all mobile app companies that we felt needed resolution. It was then that we began talking about MoEngage, informs Raviteja.

Even before MoEngage was launched and the company had a product in place, Raviteja and his team began speaking to customers who needed solutions. We adopted a lean approach, building a product based on feedback from customers. We basically showed them a prototype and asked  them to give  us their views  on it.

The company is currently working with premier consumer Internet ventures in the areas of travel, e-commerce, entertainment and content development. We are profiling nearly one-fourth of smart phone users in India on a monthly basis. That is the extent of our scale, informs Raviteja.

Speaking about the challenges that Indian start-ups face today, Raviteja  says that even now there are only a few good VCs that understand the B2B space well. We have been fortunate to have good backers. Quality talent is another issue and we have been lucky in acquiring excellent people. We have nine batch mates from IIT Kharagpur, who through their network, have helped us hire others, he adds.

According to Raviteja,  the real start-up  gets off the ground only when the product is out there in the market. That is when you get user feedback. The idea is not to focus on a one-day launch. It is important to look at the unique thing about the concept, introduce a first version, capture feedback and evolve the product, he says.

It takes a lot of persistence to succeed in the start-up space. We have taken four years to get established. You need good, high quality mentors for feedback and get them to invest in the company, so that they have skin in the game. Both first and second time entrepreneurs need good mentors, he comments.

Talking about how he views MoEngage two years from now, Raviteja says he expects it to be one of the largest marketing automation platforms for B2C companies.  Regarding NASSCOM’s role in the start-up realm, Raviteja adds that the organization has launched good initiatives that are encouraging young companies to target global markets.

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