Let’s Change Agriculture to Agritech

Agritech Series

#1 Let’s Change Agriculture to Agritech

Agriculture is the backbone of our country and holds a great responsibility of feeding over 1.3 billion population. A sector which cannot remain shut for a single day as seen during the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus crisis when most of the big manufacturing and other corporates are closed.

Such an important sector but even then it has been working in the same ways from past many decades till technology knocked its door and changed the term Agriculture to Agritech (Agriculture + Technology). Technology is the enabler that will steer Indian farming towards an inclusive and sustainable farming to meet the agricultural requirement of the future.

Numerous efforts have been made in the past to make agriculture adopt and implement technology, however an impactful difference has become visible in the past 6-8 years, mostly driven by the mobile revolution which actually empowered our farmers to connect with the whole of India.

Start-ups and entrepreneurs in India have played a key role in this Agritech revolution. New technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Farm and Data Analytics, Aerial Image-based Analytics etc. are being introduced by Agri-tech firms in India to make farming processes more efficient and lead to better decisions for improving yield and productivity.

With over 650+ Agritech firms in our ecosystem, the years 2015 and 2016 saw the emergence of the most number of Agritech start-ups, with over 100+ incepted in each year.

This spurt in Agritech firms, have led to an onslaught of new technologies like drones, farm based mobile applications, and hi-tech sensors that connect buyers and sellers with important farm-related information among others. “Farm to fork” which was a distant dream sometime back has now become a sweet reality, as now we have firms who are taking products from the farmers and delivering it to our home directly without any middleman.

In a short span of time, Indian Agritech sector has grown substantially, the impact of which can be felt by the common man as well as the farmers. However the potential for growth and better inputs is even more. The need of the hour is to maintain and sustain this growth, and make Agritech available to every farmer.

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