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Master the art of Product Management

Confianzys a Product Business & Innovation consulting firm working with Indian product firms aspiring to go global and with MNC firms who are wishing for true emerging market success. We are helping them to bring the right-fit products to market.
As a part of our education business, We are organizing our next Blackblot Strategic Product Management & Product Marketing Program on 16th-19th  March in Bangalore. We have trained more than 500 Product Management professionals on Blackblot Methodology in India.

Blackblot SPM (Strategic Product Management):
This program will benefit people in the following roles: Product Managers, Aspiring Product Managers (Project Manager, Program Manager, Business Analyst), Product Marketing, Product Planners, Product Architects, Product Analysts, Engineering Manager, and Young CEO’s.
Individuals, who successfully complete all the available Blackblot Product Management Professional tests, would be awarded with a merited designation of Master Blackblot Product Management ProfessionalTM (Master BPMP).
The program’s key and most fundamental features and benefits are:
•     Presents a more structured approach to product management; resulting in less time spent to arrive at product management decisions.
•     Provides a clearer understanding of the product management process and its principals; resulting in a higher potential to deliver successful products.
•     Delivers a comprehensive set of tools, concepts, models, and procedures; resulting in a more effective execution of product management processes.
•     Presents conventions on what-to-do and not how-to-do; resulting in more effort spent on performing the appropriate      product management activities.
Program Structure: SPM Program
Core Product ManagementTM– Day 1 & 2 days
•     Detailed treatment of the core principles of Product Management Domain
•     This two-day seminar provides attendees with the knowledge, skills and tools to effectively plan and market technology products and services  based on Blackblot Product Manager’s ToolkitTM (PMTK) and PMTK Action Model.
•     Deliverable: Processes, Best Practices & Role Clarity
Product Planning : Day 3
•     Ambiguous market requirements lead to flawed products and dissatisfied customers, but well-defined market requirements are the basis for a effective product strategy and marketplace success.
•     This one-day seminar provides attendees with the knowledge, skills and tools to effectively identify and articulate market requirements.
•     Deliverable: Market requirements document (MRD).
Business and Market PlanningTM (BMP) a.k.a Product Marketing: Day 4
•     How to justify the idea?
•     How to extract value from market requirements and articulate Business Value for profitability
•     How to build whole products based on the Product and Adoption lifecycle
•     How to Position based on market perception rather than internal perception
•     How to build the Value Model to help clients buy
•     This one-day seminar provides attendees with the knowledge, skills and tools to effectively contribute to business and market planning activities.
•     Deliverables: Business case and Market plan.


To register, please click on or you can mail me your interest at

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