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Monitoring the Exit Routes of Information – Data Resolve

With inDefend Business, we offer companies an integrated data privacy solution, which covers all components in a single product. -Dhruv Khanna, CEO, Data Resolve Technologies

When he decided to transition Data Resolve Technologies from a DLP, to an integrated Data Privacy solution company, CEO, Dhruv Khanna, wanted to add a new dimension to Data Security standards.

The core idea behind Data Resolve’s technology was to generate actionable cyber intelligence reports by monitoring the exit routes of information from a computer like USB ports, CD-DVD drives, e-mails, chat clients, etc. The product minimizes the loss and theft of critical business data through customized access policies.

Speaking about what led the company to enter this space, Dhruv says the push came from clients. Data protection, security and privacy issues were key challenges for enterprises, which required them to buy multiple products and appliances. With our product inDefend Business, we offer companies an integrated solution. Our overall technology stack covers all components in a single product, he states.

The result is reduced TCO, Quick Return on Investment, and Cloud benefits such as anytime-anywhere monitoring and control.
Client co-creation is another reason for the company’s success and what has helped it acquire large customers. Competitors were not addressing the pain points of customers in terms of co-creation. The co-creation model, which helps companies solve their environment-specific security challenges on a customization basis, struck a chord with them, he comments.

The product offers clients advanced insights on hidden business risks through cyber intelligence reporting. It provides offline control and monitoring for computers disconnected from the organizational network, and handles bypass scenarios of data card, onion routing, tunnelling, etc., which cannot be resolved by traditional Data Privacy controls, very easily.

Most importantly, it addresses security concerns for tablets and data loss issues for hand-held devices using an encrypted Cloud backup.

These advantages have allowed the organization to draw clients from across the globe.

Initially, the company had to give assurances to customers and establish its credibility. Today, when it has over 70 customers that are big brands, the challenges are lowered.

The company aims to be a global organization present in all major geographies. From the perspective of a product company, we want to provide security across every end point device, states Dhruv.
Since its inception, Data Resolve Technologies has won several industry accolades for excellence in technology and been ranked among the top 10 product start-ups, game changers and success stories in India.

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