#NPC2019: Reflecting the Paradigm Shift in Indian Product Ecosystem

16th NASSCOM Product Conclave (NPC) has its sights set on taking India’s most innovative companies to the next level of competence through its theme – 10x Challenge: Scale@Speed.

NASSCOM Product Conclave 2019


Being an entrepreneur is not easy, but admittedly is easier today than it was a decade ago. This is because of several reasons – technology is playing a crucial role in sharpening business outcomes, enterprises are welcoming new-age solutions, professional incubators and accelerators are assisting entrepreneurs to scale their products and strategies to gain market share, and VCs and PEs are encouraging innovation like never before.

With all these amenities, what can an entrepreneur do today? Scale Up.

The NASSCOM Product Council presents the 10X Challenge – focused on core strategies intended to scale the country’s robust product ecosystem. This era of digital transformation is a transformative time for the growth of products, platforms, and tools that are imperative for business growth. The entrepreneur of today knows that his product is worth much more when actively adopted by the industry and driven to market aggressively.

At the upcoming #NPC2019, entrepreneurs will learn the strategies first hand from industry leaders needed to accelerate adoption and further drive innovation in India’s highly competitive market.

Why Should You Be At NPC 2019? The Billion Dollar Question

Flipkart, Paytm, BYJUs, Zomato, OYO Rooms, Swiggy, Udaan, Freshworks… these are not only among India’s most successful companies but also our very own unicorns. According to CB Insights, there are more than 350 unicorns in the world, comprising of companies from China, USA, Singapore, Israel, Germany and of course, India. In 2018 alone, eight companies became unicorns in India. The average time taken by a startup in India to attain the coveted unicorn status is between 5-7 years – compared to 7-8 years in the USA.  However, the journey from startup to unicorn comprises several high-level strategic decisions, aggressive and tactical go-to-market strategies, and sustained trust from investors.

At NPC, startups can learn from the best in the business on how to scale the journey from startup to unicorn, while navigating the ever-changing climes in business.

The SaaS Way: Leading the Enterprise Bandwagon

While it was startups like Flipkart and Ola that helped propel India to superstar status in the global startup ecosystem, a silent but powerful change was brewing elsewhere. The runaway success of a company like Zoho proved that while India was acing its B2C game, it was also sharpening its focus on the B2B space – touted to become the next big growth driver in Indian enterprises.

According to NASSCOM Strategic Review 2019, India’s IT industry is valued at nearly $177bn, growing 6.1% YoY. There is a fast-rising need for SaaS products today and herein lies the potential for further innovation in India. While SaaS has been in India for more than a decade, the focus was mostly overseas clients. Now, with the entry of players like Zoho, Freshdesk and Capillary Technologies among others, there is immense potential for SaaS startups to thrive and grow. This will be another focus area at NPC 2019.

And finally, the ultimate goal and reward for every company is global adoption. Access to markets, the need for strategic and bureaucratic ties for enhanced global adoption of products and other opportunities to proliferate one’s brand and product beyond borders will be another key area of discussion at NPC.

India is at a very exciting juncture in deep technology today. Earlier, the notion was deep tech was a collective noun for AI and ML, but the industry is so much more than that. Several startups are using advanced analytics, computer vision, AR/VR, blockchain and robotics in addition or sometimes in combination with AI, ML, and IoT to create products suited for enterprises as well as for societal development.

Artificial Intelligence is at its peak in India now, as even policymakers and governments understand the immense value these technologies bring in solving grassroots-level challenges in healthcare, education, urban planning, and agriculture among others.

At NPC 2019, you will get a chance to witness firsthand how these technologies are being applied across various verticals and delivering measurable impact. Some of the major beneficiaries include financial services, retail, automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, education, agriculture, retail, and urban planning.

#NPC2019 is scheduled to take place on 5th and 6th November in Bangalore. Visit  or contact for further details on registration and participation.

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