One Laptop per Child program

What is the status of the one laptop per child program floated in developing countries by institutions such as MIT which was in the USD $100 price range. The spec of this Linux device to my knowledge is extremely minimal to the point of being almost useless.

Nowadays you have HP and Nextbook building sub USD $100 Windows Standard 8.1 touch screen tablets (HP Stream 7 Windows 8.1 and Nextbook 8 Windows 8.1) using the x86 Intel Atom processor (Z3735G) which are basically full fledged Windows devices. The review on the tablets is excellent since they can run almost all x86 program/s and are extremely useful even for undergraduate students in the US pursuing a science education. Also there are plans for integrating a GPS/GSM phone chipset in the devices which would make them extremely useful.

Had lots of queries on the popularity (mass usage) of the above devices in developing countries since we build apps mainly for science students and have lots of users in India and China.

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