Platforms and Harnessing its Power as Digital Deepens


This post is based on the NASSCOM session on “Platforms and Harnessing their Power as Digital Deepens”, organised in association with Sonata Software at Hotel Leela Palace, Bengaluru on 8 March 2017. 

A daily digital interaction is the power that digital tools and digital platforms offer when used properly and every business and company is relevant to it. A successful digital play often demands the existence of a vibrant platform which can bring suppliers and consumers together. Today, a large number of the world’s most valuable companies by market capitalization are platform companies, including Apple, Amazon, Alibaba and Facebook. NASSCOM in association with Sonata Software organized an interesting conversation on 8th March 2017 at Hotel Leela Palace which featured keynote addresses by prominent technologists and a deep-dive panel discussion by industry experts on the theme of ‘Platform and Harnessing its power as digital deepens’. The conversation opened with Srikar Reddy, MD & CEO Sonata Software, setting the context on How businesses and Technology has evolved for platform players, how Tech vendors are going the platform way and  how platform models are impacting tech and IT landscape. The conversation had short keynotes from Anshu Gupta- Paypal, Pratap TP – Qikcilwer, Sonia Parendekar – Urban Ladder, Vishnu Prasad Hegde – SAP Labs and Gurubala- Microsoft. The conversation ended with an interesting discussion on what could be the degree of readiness among enterprises and their ITeS partners if they choose to move on to a more platform based approach. This conversation was led by Ed Nair- Cybermedia with eminent panelist of Ankur Dang of GE Digital, Omprakash Subbarao of Sonata Software and Tilak Doddapaneni of Tesco.

Nowadays many businesses depend on a platform model. But would enterprises move into a complete platform model? The discussion mainly focused around -What gives platform-based business models competitive advantages over traditional business models and on how a company’s  technology has aligned to business their needs. The session focused on discussing on flexibility and scale of platform models and the challenges an organization faces while implementing a model of the scale. Platforms leverages the power of network effect there by unleashing the potential of growth in both width and depth.

Defining Platforms and Outlining Their Potential for Disruption for Business and IT.

Speaker: Srikar Reddy – MD &CEO, Sonata Software

Technology Vendors Implementing& Supporting Platform-based Software Solution.
Vishnu Prasad Hedge – Head HANA Platform – SAP
Mandar Kulkarni – Director Cloud & Data Centre Programs, Microsoft

Business and Technology Platform Players.
What gives platform-based business models competitive advantages over traditional business models?
– How is your technology aligned to business needs? How are systems architected, built and operated for flexibility and scale in platforms?
– What challenges (skills/processes/infra) are faced in implementing a model like this in your organization?
Learn the business and technology paradigms underpinning emerging platform based business leaders.

Anshu Gupta – Head Partner Platform, PayPal
Sonia Parandekar-Director, Engineering Urban Ladder
Pratap T.P – Cofounder & Director, Qwikcilver



Enterprises: – how are Platform Models Impacting the Enterprise business and Tech Landscape.
Ed Nair – Group Editor ICT Business, Cybermedia
Ankur Dang – Sr. Director Software Engineering, GE Digital
Omprakash Subbarao – Head Strategy & Digital, Sonata Software
Tilak Doddapaneni – Head Online Products, Tesco India.


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