Rajendra Raja – a Selfless Community Evangelist is no more. Memorial meeting on 19th.

Those of you who were involved in some of the early Emerge community posts and NPC meetings would remember Rajendra Raja, a selfless software product community evangelist.

Raja, passed away in Pune while at work, and those of us who interacted with him are in shock, and miss him.

Raja worked for a big services company, but his heart was for products. He would attend Emerge Forums, organized all the Emerge mentor meetings in Chennai, make strong comments in the community forum, and personally would recommend start up products to people he knew and his own community. He would tweet and post continuously on entrepreneurship and the need for India to do well in Software Products.

We are organizing a memorial meeting to remember him at IIT Research Park in Chennai on 19th Saturday at 10.00 am.

Requesting all those who knew him in the community to come and pay homage to this selfless evangelist of our community.

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