Re: Indian Enterprise Software Products – On accelerated growth path

Indian ERP product companies – On your premise, on the cloud

The Enterprise Software category of the NASSCOM PEM initiative has recently concluded. Based on 250+ nominations received, the enterprise products were bucketed into different categories to create further parity in relative benchmarking, the categories being Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Experience Management, Human Capital Management and Supply Chain Management along with 2 other categories including Business Process & Productivity Management and Unified Communication & Collaboration.

The PEM survey analysis reflects a strong evidence of ERP products from India. Nearly 23 per cent of the enterprise software applications were focused on Enterprise Resource Planning. Most of the product nominations within ERP are by and large dominated by vertical offerings for global markets with limited focus on cross-vertical ERP solutions. Some of the key trends are:

  • ~77 per cent of the assessed products have deployment models both on-premise and on cloud
  • Mobile ERP platforms are gaining significant traction with more transactions being conducted on smartphone and tablet devices
  • Significant rise in vertical ERP solutions. Indian ISVs have witnessed significant success by developing vertical-specific solutions with flexible architecture competencies

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