Silicon Valley antidote to product challenges faced by Startups February 25 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Successful products are not an accident, even if it looks like that from the outside. Product Success comes to start-ups that find and tackle their challenges early, and do it well.
Which is why, whether you are a start-up co-founder, just had a new business idea or you’re creating a business plan for a new product at a large company – you should grab this chance to listen to Rich Mironov. With deep experience of the product challenges that Silicon Valley start-ups  have faced, Rich gives businesses valuable perspectives on  moving from ‘good idea’ to ‘market winner’.

The event is being conducted by Confianzys, India’s leading product business consulting firm, in association with iSPIRT and IPMA.
Rich Mironov is a seasoned tech executive and serial entrepreneur: the product guy at six Silicon Valley start-ups including as CEO and VP Products/Marketing.
Rich combines what-we-can-build with what-markets-will-pay-for viewpoints. Since 2001, Rich also has been an interim executive, consultant or adviser to dozens of early-stage companies and larger technology firms including Yahoo, Cisco, Wealthfront, WhiteHat Security, Varian and VeriSign.
Participating in the Three Product Challenges of an Entrepreneur event gives you:
A recipe to anticipate the key challenges you will need to beat
A wave of fresh enthusiasm for the tough journey you’re on and
A chance to connect with 150  fellow product warriors facing similar challenges!
To Register for the event, pls copy the below link in your browser.


Vijay Vir Singh

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