The Technical Story of an Indian Postman

The Technical Story of an Indian Postman

The SaaS API Postman

From App to APIs

If we talk about the top disruptor in the last decade it won’t be any popular app, it is API, the Application Programming interface. You name any app and it must be incomplete without being integrated with other systems for communication data and for all this what’s required is an API.

The problem of managing a host of APIs and collaborate seamlessly is the challenge for most of the developers around the world. So, Postman helps users to develop APIs and manage them. Right from Designing to publishing, debugging to testing, all can be done on one platform. A powerful collaboration platform for the entire API development lifecycle.

The Start:

A guy who got frustrated from testing and monitoring APIs write a code to make this process a lot easier. Documentation of APIs also made easier allowing easy sharing with co-workers.

Then the 3 Yahoo co-workers come together to create Postman in 2014.

The Kick:

For almost a year, the product was offered for free for getting wide adoption. Then the product got featured on Google Chrome web store, making it the turning point for Postman.

The First Partner:

Postman raised $1 million in seed funding from Nexus Venture Partners in 2015 to expand the product. Then it switched to subscription service to target larger enterprises.

The Continued / New Partner:

 Nexus continued to show interest in Postman business and invested another $7 million in 2016 and $50 million more with CRV

What Worked:

  • Cost Arbitrage: Offering good product at a reasonable cost
  • Getting closer to the client: Moving to Bay Area which is the largest customer base
  • APIs increasing scope: Government, regulators etc. are using Open APIs to boost innovation, financial inclusion.
  • Growing App usage with companies’ size: A company with employee size of 1000+ need approx. over 200 app.
  • Growth in API categories: Data, Financial and Analytics based solutions lead to the substantial growth in APIs requirement.
  • Lack of competition: Very few companies offering complete API development environment.
  • Dogfooding: Using own product to debug, fix, and build your product, a philosophy that Postman has followed almost from day one
  • Platform Features:
    • Downloadable Chrome, Mac & Windows App
    • Saved History of API requests
    • Environments, Tests and Sharing
    • Extensive team collaboration tools
    • Monitoring features & extended documentation
    • Customizable API Documentation
    • API Monitoring for uptime, performance & accuracy
    • Phone support & extended support options
    • Security, encryption & governance

API first approach: Design and build the API first, before building out the rest of the app

The Success: With 8 million developers in 400,000 organizations worldwide using it

APIs are not new they are there with us for a long time, offered by Amazon, Salesforce, eBay, Google etc. The tools to play with APIs keeps of changing.

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