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Transitioning from services company to product company?

As Indian Product footprint grows, many services companies are working to transition to a product company.

I personally have known a friend (running a services company) struggling with this transition (to product).

My product background (no funding so far)

Founded Hireplug: Social Recruiting Platform (B2B)

  • 300 companies used it in 10 countries.
  • 10 paying customers from India/UK.
  • Built with a small team of 3 members.
  • Featured on ET Now TV Show.

Built Group video chat system (B2C).

  • Built the product single-handedly.
  • 5000 monthly active users.
  • Used by a top 10 rock bands in the USA.

Built Study Notes Creation System (B2C, US EdTech space)

  • 50k monthly active users.
  • 100+ schools in the USA used it.
  • Recurring revenue to cover infra. costs.
  • Helped thousands of students score well.

My personal recommendation is to work on PRODUCT DEFINITION first.

If you do need help, reach me on twitter @rajcode



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