AdWords gets a transformation to Google Ads

AdWords was launched by Google approximately 18 years ago with an objective to provide a platform for people to promote their business online. With the Mobile becoming the next big marketplace for showcasing your products you will have to shift and adapt to the ongoing advertising and marketing trends. AdWords has become the next big thing for advertising in today’s digital world, and you must be well aware of this term if you have been dealing with an e-commerce business.

Just as the trends in marketing have evolved over the years, so has the advertising techniques on Google as well. Marketers are now able to connect with customers by posting advertisements on Google. With the passage of time, Google has introduced newer platforms for advertisers such as Google Marketing Platform, Google Ad Manager, and Google Ads. These have made it easier for brand owners to showcase their products to the audience and get more leads for sales.

AdWords has been quite popular among advertisers and brand owners, and there is good news for all.

AdWords has now become Google Ads

Google Ads has the potential to offer a massive range of advertising techniques to business owners by tying up with other apps and partner sites. This enables marketers from across the globe connect with people anywhere while they make use of the Search engines, watch YouTube videos, explore with Google Maps, search for apps on the Google Play Store, or for that matter browse content over the internet. 

For businesses that are comparatively small in size, Google Ads will serve an excellent opportunity to start with online advertisements. With the help of Google Marketing Live, new campaigns are about to be launched soon.

Google has set out to build an active collaboration with the various marketing teams, and for this, they have unified their DoubleClick advertiser and Google Analytics 360 Suite into a single entity- Google Marketing Platform. This will enable you the option of planning and optimizing the digital media platforms connected to your business.

Along with the Google Marketing Platform, Google is also about to launch Display & Video 360 which brings together the features of Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Bid Manager, Studio and Audience Center. This will enable the creative and media department to work in proper coordination and come out with the best digital marketing campaigns. 

With the new features rolled out by Google Ads people will be offered more transparency in the way they manage the entire process. This will also offer viewers the choice of viewing the ads that they are interested in the services that they would like to have. The features will be available for use to all by the next month and people will be ready to welcome a change in the Digital Marketing strategies.

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