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CONTENT is the most integral part in boosting your online presence and engaging more customers to your website, or particularly your Social Media pages.  Without a well-written content, any marketing strategy would turn out to be a failure. Not just the text content, the content that goes with the visuals are essential as well. The visuals are more important on the Social Media platforms, and therefore it would be ideal to create content which is attractive and goes with the theme as well.

The major Social Media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Pinterest, are based on visuals and images, and this is the reason why companies are focusing on creating distinct visual contents to make a mark with their brand. This blog compiles a list of suggestions that will help you in creating the most engaging visual content for the social media profiles of your brand.  You will be able to increase engagement with your followers with the most creative and relevant visual content.

Let the images speak louder than the text

Instead of devoting much time to creating content for the post and the websites, it would be a good idea to curate content with visuals and come up with something attractive that hits the audience directly. The audience will not have to read the entire thing to get a grasp of what is being portrayed, the image will do the talking instead. Here comes the role of a good designer who can come up with great ideas to infuse content with the visuals. Images and content go hand in hand to make Social Media a potent tool for advertising.

Screenshots come of great help in validating

You can use screenshots to provide your followers with a glimpse of the inner workings of your company. These also work in a great way to build trust among your followers. While making presentations you can include screenshots that will serve as statistical details. Sharing screenshots of client testimonials will also boost your company’s reputation on Social Media.

Tell stories with videos

You can use interesting videos for making social media posts. These may require a little investment of both time and money, but both are worth it as you will be able to interact with your clients and followers. With video content, you can advertise your products on YouTube as well. You will be able to experiment with the way you project your products and services to people with the creation of interesting videos. With Facebook rolling out the LIVE VIDEO section, you got another critical, engaging platform to connect with your followers with visual contents.

Express with Memes

Social Media is not a place to talk about professionalism always. You can mix a little amount of fun for your followers to be able to engage with you at times. Memes will serve this purpose well as these work well to trigger the emotions underlying in the audience. Apart from the usual posts dealing with the business, memes add a touch of freshness and arouse the interest of the viewers. Post memes with humorous content to your page at times and see the level of engagement that you receive.

To conclude, it can be said that visuals come of great help when you are looking for engagement with the Social Media profiles for your business. Connect with your prospective customers with the Social Media platforms and make the most out of this with the help of the most engaging and creative content to grab their attention. We have a team of professional Graphic Designers at Swadesh Softwares who come up with creative visuals to keep the engagement quotient high on Social Media. We also assist in Social Media Marketing services.

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  1. I completely second with your idea of using screenshots and memes. And I am so glad you did not suggest stock images. A lot of companies just pour an overdose of generic images.

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